Success Stories See how m'lis has helped spas, wellness centers, and other professionals grow their business.

Stephanie Peters – Eden Day Spa

“I came to the M’lis company 14 years ago, I was sick with chronic fatigue, and they helped teach me how to get myself well. After that, we incorporated that into our business. We were going to be a day spa and we are now a full-fledged wellness center now. Fourteen years and thousands of clients later, we have continued the tradition. One thing we love about M’lis is the quality of products. I never have to worry that what I’m giving a client isn’t 100% the best.”

Stephanie Peters 2
John Hoime 1

John Hoime – Alternative Health

“I have been using M’lis products for the last 17 years, I started using M’lis in Southwick, and we had such good results we opened two more facilities in Connecticut. The only product I use is M’lis. Why? Number one it is pure. The training we get from the M’lis corporation is phenomenal. They train, they teach, we have seminars on a regular basis. When we use a M’lis product, people get well. They get well fast and they change internally; externally.”